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Applications of Y Chromosome testing

The Y chromosome DNA test can be useful in certain cases where a normal DNA paternity test cannot be performed. The Y chromosome is present only in males and passed on through the male lineage of a family, that is from father to son to the grandson and so forth. Therefore determining whether two males have the same Y chromosome will assist in determining their biological relationship. The DNA test can be applied for testing between male cousins, grandfather and grandson, uncles and nephews etc. The only caveat of this DNA test is that the test will not pinpoint exactly who the father is in cases where related males are possible fathers (e.g.

two brothers) but will confirm whether they are biologically related or not. The results therefore have to be interpreted within the circumstances of the case and other possible DNA tests performed with other members of the family. The Y chromosome DNA test can also be used in cases of infidelity testing to confirm if a biological trace is male or female. Since only males have the Y chromosome, the test can be used to determine if, for example, stains found on a pair of underwear is male or female.

The DNA profile obtained can then be matched to the donor if a sample is available for DNA testing. The applications of this DNA test also extend to other areas of DNA Forensic work such as in the analysis of scene of the crime samples. The Y chromosome test is also gaining popularity for DNA Genealogy studies, since the test can assist in determining a male lineage within a family. This test can therefore help trace people with the same surname to see if they share common descendants.

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Applications of Y Chromosome testing

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