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Finding Your Soulmate

I struggled for many years before I discovered a little known approach to success that turned my world upside down. I soon became one of the top book publicists in the nation with clients like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Dean Ornish, Jon Gordon, Gary Zukav, Louise Hay, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame. Although my business career was a huge success, I soon realized that, my personal life was a disaster.

I was 40 years old, unmarried and all my dates turned out to be frogs. But then something very enlightening happened to me. I was standing in a bookstore looking over all the books on love and dating when I came upon a book on soulmates.

I picked it up and started to read it. It explained how to know when you have met your soulmate and the wonderful feelings and vibrations you experience to tell you that you've indeed attracted the love of your life. And then I thought, "What if I used that success secret I cherished and used for so many years-the one secret that led to my wonderful success in business and I used it to attract a soulmate"? And that is what I did. The frogs stopped coming around, a dashingly handsome man appeared in a last-minute business meeting and in days I knew I had met my soulmate.

We got married six months after we met. Ten years later, I am still in absolute heaven. As someone who didn't meet and marry my soulmate until I was 44, I learned a lot along the way about what does and doesn't work in the world of love and romance. Finding true love is possible for any one at any age if you're willing to prepare yourself, on all levels, to become a magnet for love. This wonderful Universe of ours is set up to deliver the people and things we draw to us that are consistent with our personal belief system. If you don't believe you will ever find the ONE, then guess what? You get to be right …you probably won't.

If, however, you learn to believe that the ONE is not only out there but is also looking for you, then true love can be yours. Creating the Soulmate Kit was my way of documenting the process I used so I could share the secrets with others. It's also a way for me to provide hope for those who feel hopeless in the area of romance. You may be unconsciously blocking your soulmate from coming into your life.

The Soulmate Kit has been created to help you remove these blocks and guide you to prepare to manifest your soulmate.

Arielle Ford is a professional, previously unmarried woman who is revealing her secret to finding romance, love, marriage, and a perfect soumate. She discovered how to take her professional success and apply it to her personal life, and she has never been happier. Now she wants to share that secret with you. Learn how to find your soulmate at

Finding Your Soulmate

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