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Gifts For Your Loved One

Well, let's see about giving them like some equipment for weight training, like something they could do maybe at there house. Also it sounds like you guys have been through a lot together so you could make a journal or photo album. Like I did the journal thing for me and my boyfriend's anniversary and in it I put pictures of where we went together, I made a page for all the obstacles we have crossed together, put songs, or little cute words we used to say, I even wrote a choose your adventure story that included both of us and a group of aliens and there was only one good ending (that was really fun). Another thing you could do is give them something simple, but give them many simple things, like maybe a gift certificate to there favorite store and put it in a huge box so it looks like a really big gift. Then fill up the box with there favorite candy and then watch them fish around for there gift, it's really fun and very memorable.

So here's my philosophy. You could either get them a really big gift like equipment for weight training, or something relating to golf or bowling or you could them something more simple like a gift certificate, a watch, or a combination of those and spice it up by adding a little memory journal or making it cute by putting it in a big box with a bunch of candy. I tend to go for the combination of little things and the journal idea because it's much more meaningful and it's truly a gift that lasts and never gets old.

Oh and for other gift ideas you could buy him/her something they need for there house, an accessory for the computer, car, or whatever. You could take them to a concert or some sports event you know he/she would love to go to. Or you can take them on a shopping spree and have him/her pick out whatever he/she would want. I like the accessories for there computer or there car. I really think that is the way to go. You could go even further by making it look cute.

You said you guys have only been together for a couple of weeks, so I think you should save the enhancing techniques till later on in your relationship. They are much funnier and even more appreciated then. But besides that I think the accessory for there computer or car would definitely be good. The odds are you don't know yet which ones he needs. Since you know that they like basketball, I suppose you could take him to see a game. My understanding of gift-giving is that it is not its price that matters, but the joys that it brings to the person you give it to.

It seems that you care a lot about this person. I cannot tell you what kind of a gift he/she would like to receive. You are the one that must know him/her very well. Just think about what kind of person they are and what they like to do and what kind of things they like to have around them.

Try to remember if they ever mentioned something that they liked or something that they would like to have then that would be the very best thing to get them. You can get them a album by an artist he/she likes or a book by a writer he/she admires, or a bouquet of flowers because he/she thinks it romantic or anything else you know they would like. If you want you could give them jewelry, but not the type that is gold and silver and all that stuff. There's some that look very exotic and colorful.

Some have gold in them but they look very pretty and different. It's kind of hard to explain but I see them at a lot of jewelry stores so you could check it out if you want to. If you want you could be traditional and do one thing original. For example, you could get her a huge teddy bear with the flowers, but make homemade chocolate.

Something easy and cheap to make and which all my friends are addicted to right now is Brazilian chocolate and all you need is cocoa powder, sweetened milk, and butter. You could go to the website and check it out. It takes very little time to make and is very good. Your boyfriend/girlfriend would probably love it if you took the time to actually make them chocolate or some other type of food or candy.

If those don't work. Then there is a cartoon character or something cute that they like. Get them something related to it. Maybe a few DVDs or CDs that they like or a big stuffed animal character. You could even get them those little sea monkey pets and give him/her a monkey stuffed animal and a necklace with a monkey on it.

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Gifts For Your Loved One

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