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Gifts For Him
by Michel O'Connor

When searching for a great gift for the man in your life, the biggest question you should ask yourself is what does you man spend most of his free time doing? Provided that 'sleep' isn't the answer to this question, then you're in business. Whatever it is that your man enjoys spending time doing is the biggest clue to finding a present he'll really appreciate. Has he mentioned that he really needs a certain item, or that something he saw in a flier looks really cool? Take the hint, and make that item your next purchase. It'll be a guaranteed great gift. Just to get you started, below are some categories your boy might fall into

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Gift Ideas for Men

The Party Boy - Does your man love to host barbeques? If he does, there are a few key gifts in order, such as a set of pristine BBQ tools, metal shish kabob skewers, a 'kiss the cook' style apron or a chef hat. To really get that party started, he's going to need a cocktail shaker, wine, cocktail or shot glasses, and a great set of frosty beer mugs. Collapsible canvas chairs with built in cup holders, tiki torches, and beverage coolers will all help to complete his backyard festivities.

The Sports Fan - Does your guy routinely invite all his pals over to watch the game? If so, the best gift (if you can afford it ) is probably a large screen TV. Wait for an in-store special when buying, or check out online auctions for the best buy. There are also plenty of neat remote control options, from glow-in-the-dark to voice-activated controls. To keep his beer cold, try a foam beer can cooler. For a boy who loves to play games as well as watch, a tabletop air-hockey or foosball table might be just the ticket.

The Outdoorsman - If your guy likes to spend his time outside, than there are plenty of great gifts options. If he likes to camp, then your best off getting him something practical, like a waterproof flashlight, lightweight tent, thermal sleeping bag, torch lighters or a Swiss army knife. If he's a fisherman, then a tackle box filled with assorted hooks and weights, or a new pole, reel or line, is a gift that will be much appreciated. Some fun outdoor gifts could be a set of walky talkies, remote control airplanes, a Frisbee, soccer ball or  a picnic basket, complete with lunch.

The Electronic Guy - If your partner gets excited every time he walks into the electronic department, then you're in luck. There are new products coming onto the market virtually everyday to satisfy his technology lust. From digital cameras to webcams, from boom boxes to game consoles, speakers, and wall-projector clocks, there are so many things to choose from. Just make sure that whatever you buy is compatible with the existing computer or music systems he already has. Don't be afraid to ask a sales representative for help.

Hopefully the above gift ideas have helped spark your search for the perfect present. The best gifts for men are often the most obvious. Do your homework by keeping your eyes and ears open, and by doing product research. Don't forget who you're buying for - the most important thing is that he likes it, and you can live with it.