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Romantic Gifts For Her
by Michel O'Connor

When choosing a romantic gift for the special women in your life, nothing is better than hitting upon the gift that makes her swoon in delight. There are many types of gifts you can give to be the romantic man of her dreams, so just remember to be creative and spontaneous with your giving. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

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Gift Ideas for Women

1) Chocolates is the perfect gift for the girl with a sweet tooth. With so many choices in chocolate, from white to milk to dark to filled, all you need to know is your partner's preference, and that high quality chocolate will melt on your tongue.

2) Make her feel feminine and sexy in some silk pajamas or slinky Lingerie. If you aren't sure of your partner's size, surprise her with a trip to her favorite undergarment store. Not only do you get to see your partner's smile, you get to have a very special fashion show before you make your purchase.

3) Romantic Roses are the gift that will never go out of style. While traditional red roses are great for any occasion, pick roses of your partner's favorite color for an even sweeter surprise.

4) Do you want to really surprise her? Cook a special dinner just for her, complete with an appetizer, entr'e, and desert (whipping cream can suffice), and don't forget to set the mood with Scented Candles and a bottle of your favorite Wine If you're feeling a little tight for cash, there are many affordable and delicious recipes you can find online. When purchasing a wine, don't feel too shy to ask the store employees for recommendations.

5) Write a heartfelt poem. It's easier than it sounds, and contrary to everything your high school English teacher might have told you, it doesn't have to rhyme. Regardless if whether you create a masterpiece, the important thing is that everything you say is true. If your girlfriend doesn't have eyes the color of the sky, then talk about her lovely smile.

6) For a lot of women, nothing says 'I love you' better than Jewelry . For an event such as your loved one's birthday, pick something simple, such as a delicate chain, and a pendent set with her birthstone, or body jewelry. If you are looking for a gift as unique as she is, then check out independent art galleries, which are often full of affordable and beautiful pieces.

7) Create a Coupon Book full of special treats for your lucky lady. Some suggestions are back massages, foot rubs, a special dinner, house cleaning, babysitting the kids while she goes out, doing the grocery shopping, or breakfast in bed. Remember that a promise is a promise and once you hand over these coupons to your girl, they are redeemable at any time.

8) Pack a Picnic Lunch and a blanket and take your partner for a special outdoor excursion. Cheeses, baguette, crackers, smoked salmon, raw veggies, berries and wine are all great items for a picnic lunch, and don't forget the napkins, utensils, and corkscrew. Has rain put a damper on your plans? Never fear, eat your picnic lunch indoor style on your living room floor.

9) If your girlfriend does not have at least one Stuffed Animal in her bedroom, then it's time for a change. Find out what critter your girl most adores, and then find a plush version for her to sleep with at night. It will give her an adorable reminder of your relationship the next time you're away.

10) Plan a Romantic Weekend Getaway from the daily stresses of life. Take her to a cozy bed and breakfast or a luxurious spa for two blissful days of relaxation. Remember to always make your booking well in advance, and the cheapest time of the year to rent a room or cottage is in the off-season (often October to April). Keep a close eye on your girlfriend and make sure that she doesn't make any other plans for those dates. If you wish to leave on the spur of the moment, pack a bag for your girlfriend with everything she'll need, throw it in the car, and pick her up from work.

Hopefully you now have a few great Romantic Gift ideas in mind for the next time you want to surprise your partner. Don't be afraid to act a little mushy and I'm sure you'll have your lovely lady smiling in no time.