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How Tough Is It To Live In Romania These Days

Many people tend to think that life in Romania must be difficult at present. All the trials that the country went through during the decades of communist rule must have taken their toll, they would conclude. Also, trying to match steps with the rest of the developed world would surely result in a vicious struggle for survival.

Actually, such thinking could not be further from reality. Because the reality is that life in Romania has become easier in the last few years. For the Romanians on the street, life is closely intertwined with work. They can be busy as bees pretty early in the morning. In general, the working day begins at seven in the morning and ends by three in the afternoon. However, Romanians cannot think of neglecting their family life.

The family still eats together at mealtimes. This is particularly true in the case of traditional family businesses, where all the members of the family work together. The Romanian economy is on a steady upswing. It has indeed come a long way from the doldrums of drastic economic reforms of the early nineties. Romanian economy is greatly diversified today.

The major industries are textile and footwear, metallurgy, light machinery, machine parts assembly, mining, wood products, construction materials, chemicals, food products, and oil refining. Other emerging sectors in the industrial economy are medicine, heavy machinery, and home appliances. Recently the country has made rapid strides in the automobiles and IT industry as well.

The reason for providing you with all this statistics is to help you comprehend the extent to which Romania, as a nation, has become industrialized. In fact, migration of the rural workforce into industry has caused Romanian agriculture to suffer. On the other hand, people here are friendly, they like spending time with their work mates over a pint of beer, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and a chat in the case of women. Romanians are also a people known for their hospitality.

They feel that the standard of living has improved dramatically in the last 17 years. As far as their work habits are concerned, they have their own style and pace of doing work. This might appear to be a bit slow, at least to other people like French, say.

To continue, the nice aspect related to living in Romania is that Romanians do not obey to strict rules, like Germans, they do not always know what the next step is in their activity. Romanians are ambitious and yet some of them are not quite so disciplined. Romanians like to spend their leisure time during weekends and public holidays with their family and friends. However, such free time is getting scarce with every passing day, as people feel busy, tired or lonely from trying to cope with the exacting schedules of an industrialized society. After all, life in the 21st century is extremely demanding, and the story is the same in Romania, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Romanians tend to find the balance between career and family, to manage stress and to improve their work every day. Most of them believe that happiness is not a result, but a way of living. They are happy when they wake up and they are healthy and thank God for it. After all, living in Romania can be a spiritual challenge because those who cannot face living there usually look for their happiness abroad.

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How Tough Is It To Live In Romania These Days?

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