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8 Mistakes Men Make That Disgust Women
By Brian Caniglia

Most guys act jealous when there is absolutely NO reason to... which makes them look extremely silly and foolish. Some guys even think that women are impressed by jealousy, likes  it's manly or something... nope. No *healthy* woman would want to  be with a guy that feels threatened by other men. Women like men that are confident with themselves and at ease around "the  competition."

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Look at it this way, if your girlfriend or date requires constant supervision, if you can't trust her around other guys... then why would you want her? She's not the kind of high-quality woman your deserve to be with anyway.


Clingy, sheepish guys who need to be affirmed and reassured all the time don't get respect (which is EXTREMELY bad because respect is the foundation of attraction). Give the woman of your life some space. Show her how strong and independent you are and then watch how she is drawn to you like metal to a magnet - act needy around her and prepare for her to be repelled.


Buying women gifts, giving excessive compliments, and being too nice all fall into this category - they are all attempts to increase a woman's interest but all fail miserably. Compensating only draws attention to the fact that you have weaknesses - it doesn't cover anything up. Rather than trying to disguise your flaws focus on becoming comfortable with, and overcoming, them.


People (both men and women) have a tendency to get caught up in the emotions of a new relationship and show too much interest way too soon. It is especially unattractive when a man becomes infatuated too easily' believe it or not people like to work for what they get. If a woman feels like your affection was too easy to obtain she won't be satisfied with it.

Don't jump into relationships... ease into them gradually. With relationships it is better to error on the side of caution - take things slow. 


Women are attracted to movers and shakers... and repulsed by men who have no worthy ambition or drive to succeed.

Most people don't feel worthy to be the core of another person's life so when a woman realizes that she is your sun and your whole solar system is orbiting her she will begin to question how boring and unimportant the rest of your life must be.

When a man becomes dependent on a woman, psychologically, emotionally, or financially he places himself below her (on a psychosocial level) which makes it hard for her to respect him. 


We are taught since we are very young that if we want something we have to try our hardest to get it. For instance, we are told that if we want a high paying job we have to put forth our best effort and in the end we will be rewarded because 'hard work always pays off.

Getting women is one of those few things in life where the less you try the better your results will be. When guys try too hard to be cool or likeable it is obvious to women and their actions seem forced, unnatural, and unattractive.

Don't TRY TOO HARD to be cool, funny, or noticeable - just relax and be yourself.


Talking yourself up makes you look bad (which is strange since the whole reason people do it is to make themselves look better). Allow your good qualities and life achievements to come to the surface naturally' a woman will admire that 10 - no, 20 - times as much and think much more highly of you than if you pointed it out to her.


Call it what you will (wussy, shy, being a doormat, etc.), women HATE it. Don't allow ANYONE to overstep your boundaries (you do have boundaries, don't you?)... especially not her.

When a weak, untrained man gets around a beautiful woman he loses his opinions, he loses his ability to say no, and he loses his ability to stand up for himself. Don't be one of these guys' NOBODY likes a push-over, yes-man people pleaser.

Oftentimes a woman will deliberately test your inner strength by trying to get you to bend your will for her. This is one test you DO NOT want to fail because it will be close to IMPOSSIBLE for her to respect you if you give in to her. 


Interestingly enough, EVERY SINGLE ONE of these mistakes that men make which drive women away are caused by, or indicative of INSECURITY!

Did you notice that? It's amazing. Insecurity repels women. Which is perfectly logical because insecurity means BIG problems for women (abuse, mental problems, "baggage," etc.) so if they even sense it, if they are healthy themselves, they will lose interest and leave. Can you blame them? I can't.

Luckily, the opposite is also true. CONFIDENCE ATTRACTS WOMEN, INSECURITY REPELS THEM. Women are DRAWN to real self-confidence like metal to a magnet. NOTHING is more attractive than a confident, competent man. Women are attracted to men with goals, desires, and opinions. Men who are secure and proud of who they are. Men who aren't afraid to be themselves. Men who love to get the most out of life and aren't afraid to achieve' MEN THEY CAN RESPECT!