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Online Dating: Netting Romance
by Lisa Daily

Online dating is a fabulous and popular way to meet people. It's so popular in fact, that in addition to hundreds of dating websites, a new television show called eLove follows the story (on camera, of course) of two net romantics who have never met in person but feel the spark online.


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Online Dating: Netting Romance
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eLove is one of those shows you find yourself sucked into right away. Four minutes into it and you can't wait to see how he reacts to the fact that "Blond Bombshell" is actually a five-foot brunette, or how the got-it-together female attorney handles a guy whose wardrobe comprised entirely of shredded clothing.

In one episode, a fairly conservative woman flies to meet a party animal of a guy. Before the meeting, they believe they are soul mates, destined to be together. The rub? She's made it clear she doesn't like drinkers, and he's neglected to mention his favorite pastime is closing down the bar. To add insult to margaritas, this same gentleman has taken the liberty of having her name tattooed on his, her, body. Needless to say, it didn't work out exactly as they had hoped.

But, for every net romance that crashes, there is another that seems almost too good to be true - captured for all eternity on videotape. Two people who never would have met otherwise fly someplace exotic (courtesy of eLove) and have that perfect hot air balloon and champagne first date usually reserved for drugstore romance novels.

So what's the difference between a click and a crash? Honesty.

The couples that meet after dating online are more successful when they're honest. Sure, you'll have more takers if you claim to be a 6-foot millionaire or a supermodel, but you'll end up missing out on someone who will love the real you. Exactly the way you are. So be honest. Be yourself. Post a real picture (of you.) There is someone in the world who will love you for exactly who you are.

Don't stretch the truth. If you end up meeting your e-date in person, they are definitely going to notice. Be honest and meet somebody who likes you for you. Even if you have a lint collection. Even if you collect snakes. Even if you're an NFL linebacker addicted to soap operas.

There's somebody out in the world looking for somebody just like you.