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Wedding Invitations- Make it Contemporary

One of the aspects of the wedding planning for the future couple will be the wedding invitations. It can set the tone for the whole wedding and will show of the personalities of the groom and the bride to be. A couple of the things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding invitation. You basically have the choice to stick with the traditional elegant invitation or go for the modern contemporary wedding invitation.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing the contemporary style Shapes to Consider When it comes to contemporary wedding invitations, there are many great shapes that you can consider. You don't have to go with the traditional shaped wedding invitation, and today there are a variety of great shapes that you can choose from. While traditional invitations are usually square or rectangular and larger than most standard invitations, you'll find that there are far more choices with contemporary wedding invitations. Hearts, flowers and circles are all available designs when you look at modern wedding invitations. Unlike traditional wedding invitations that will largely consist of a single sheet of paper - it's modern cousin will come as a bi or even tri fold wedding invitation sometimes even providing pockets for the reception card.

Let's consider Ink and Paper The choices on the color of ink and the paper you are using are virtually endless when it comes to modern wedding invitations. Using traditional invitations you are usually limited to paper that is ivory,cream or white and black is usually used for the ink. All those limitations are gone when you opt for the contemporary style invitation. You have virtually no limits. One of the more popular choices lately when it comes to the wedding invitation paper has to be rice paper.

Not only is it considered environmentally friendly and has a very natural look and feel to it - it also comes in a wide variety of color shades ranging for bright cheery colors to elegant subdued shades of pale. Of course there is no shortage of different ink colors to go with. Different Presentations There are some other differences that contemporary wedding invitations have as well, such as the presentation of the invitations. Sometimes couples decide to have an artist create wedding cartoons for the invitations.

Also, some invitations actually use pictures of the couples on them, which is a very interesting way to set your invitations apart from others. Another different presentation is scroll wedding invitations. These are invitations that are rolled up like scrolls and actually mailed out in tubes instead of sending them in envelopes.

So now you are all set with your creative ideas for modern wedding invitations. One last things to consider might be the added cost compared to a traditional wedding invitation. On average you will spend an extra $4-$5 per invitation. Initially that might not sound a lot but depending on the size of your wedding party it might add up rather fast.

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Wedding Invitations- Make it Contemporary

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