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How to Tell a Woman How Great You Are Without Bragging

In the early stages of our interactions with women most men are completely lost as to how to convey their admirable qualities and build attraction with the attractive women they just struck up a conversation with.

If you simply said, Im an adventurous and brave guy, you would sound like your full of yourself. If you tell her about the time you were white water rafting in Australia and your friend fell out of the boat and you pulled him back in with a rope, you have shown that you are adventurous and brave without bragging.

Story telling is a huge asset and talent when building attraction and comfort with women! Being a good storyteller also allows you to capture a groups attention and demonstrates social status.

In this article we will discuss how to tell a compelling story that gets womens attention. You dont want to be one of those boring people who talk too much.

You want to convey your admirable qualities with interesting stories that people will listen to with genuine interest!

A great story consists of six elements. The first of these is a good hook. A hook line grabs peoples attention, lets them know whats coming, and gets them interested. A hook may sound like:
Have you ever been to Barcelona?
I had the weirdest day today.
You just reminded me of.
All of these examples make people want to know more and prepares them to hear the story that goes along with it.

The second and very important aspect of story telling is making it flow. What flow means is you cut out all the unnecessary details and focus on the action and most importantly the emotional peaks of the story. Dont say you had a friend in town from Minnesota so you drove them to L.A. and went to a comedy club. Just say you and a friend went to a comedy club.

This will keep your stories shorter, more interesting and have more impact.

The third element of your stories should be embedded information. We hinted on this at the beginning of the article. What this means is you are injecting information about your admirable qualities in the story. You dont say your adventurous, you say you went surfing in Panama.

You dont say you make a lot of money, you say business is good and your busy, get it? Youre saying what you want without being a fat headed jerk.

The forth element of a great story may be counter intuitive to men. You should leave an open statement that prompts questions.

This leads to more interesting conversations instead of you rambling on with tons of details. Mention A trip you took, your audience will want to know were your trip was to. If you mention were you gone, your audience will want to know why or when you were there. So practice leaving open-ended statements that prompt questions and enjoy engaging your audience more in your story.

Giving your audience a chance to ask questions and respond is a great tactic, but you can take their input and investment in the interaction to a deeper level. Women love to feel like they are contributing from their unique perspective.

After relating a story you can ask your listener if they have had a similar experience, or have ever had anything make them feel the same way. This allows them to share themselves with you and feel a two-way communication and connection between you!

The fifth element is a great story is a definitive ending. This doesnt always have to be profound or funny, it just has to give reason and end. You can relate what you took form the experience or the lesion you learned. Thats why I dont drink sake anymore may be a funny end to a story or thats when I realized.

The conclusion is not the last element of a great story! A word should be said about delivery. First make sure you have everyones full attention when you start. The hook line spoken in a clear confident voice should do the trick. Tell the story with enthusiasm and a little emotion. Dont go crazy but deliver your story with the emotions you felt in the particular situation your talking about. Use a dramatic pause when appropriate.

Suspense is fun to play with; a momentary pause at the right moment in the story can make a good story great.

Now that you have the short course in story telling think of your admirable qualities as well as generic qualities women like, wealth, status, social intuition, and think about experiences in your life that conveys these qualities about you. Then tell them out loud and refine your delivery and flow.

Working interesting stories into a conversation with a beautiful woman allows you to say everything you want about yourself without bragging.


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How to Tell a Woman How Great You Are Without Bragging

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