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The Advantages of Dating Online
by Faust Figueroa

The phenomenon of online dating has become as integral part of North American culture as the Internet itself. The reasons for this success story are readily apparent to millions of participants. However, as a modern outgrowth of traditional dating services, (internet) dating has had to overcome the stigma of lonely hearts and other negative images. To Emily Livingston of , the 1998 film, Youve got Mail, a compelling tale of online romance, can be credited with helping to bring about mainstream acceptance.

The Advantages of Dating Online
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In North America, the combined membership of internet-based dating agencies now exceeds 50 million. As a process of initiating relationships, online dating is steadily becoming more comprehensive and sophisticated. The rituals and once preferred methods of introduction through friends, bar encounters, blind dates, singles clubs, etc. are now viewed by many as outdated (pardon the pun) remnants of the bad old days.

One diehard criticism of online dating involves the so-called factor of chemistry, which supposedly cannot be predicted through two-dimensional (internet) interactions. Consequently, on the first real date, weeks of involvement and intrigue may end in disappointment. The wannabe couple fails both Biology and Chemistry.

Through the sheer force of a vibrant technology and marketplace, online dating has evolved remarkably. The advantages to the consumer now clearly outweigh any conceivable drawbacks.

Here's just a few reason why.

(1) Countless testimonials have related stories of genuine online chemistry developing long before actual and fulfilling first dates

(2) Many services have flirting functionality that allows users to make advances with minimum conversation thus avoiding unnecessary awkwardness

(3) , among others, makes geographical barriers fade away and can open a surprising world of travel, adventure, and learning to those interested in long distance friendships

(4) With only a few necessary resources, a computer, accessories, membership fees, you are ready, day or night, to enter the discreet and relaxed universe of cyber-dating.

(5) Sorting functions, profiles, search engines, pre-screening, and even personality tests (as those provided by ) deliver quantity, quality, and especially organization to your quest for the potentially perfect date or mate

(6) On the cyberspace playing field, social class and gender barriers are often overcome by the fact that every player is in the same place, to play the same game. Its a crowded field but the possibilities are limitless!

(7) Bad-hair days, nothing-to-wear, the pain of psoriasis, or other embarrassing zit-like calamities that might befall you, will never again put you in time-out

(8) You can avoid the fruitless, time-consuming, effort of having to find appropriate venues to meet others: smoky bars, singles clubs, church socials, boring parties, etc.

(9) In the introductory stages, Instant Messaging (IM) and emails produce far fewer misread signals or anxiety than, for example, that first dinner date.

(10) Parallel dating, by email, instant messaging, or real-time audio or visual, with as few or as many people as you like, is par for the course

(11) Embarrassing chance meetings with past lovers, inquisitive co-workers, other dates, etc. become a non-issue

(12) There is no shortage of variety! The spice of , for example, includes three distinct dating communities: casual dating, serious relationships, or the more erotic intimate encounters!

(13) Eliminate the many expenses of offline dating, such as dinner, movies, drinks, etc, by discovering the fatal flaws of your acquaintances online, before meeting in-person

(14) E-conversations and online chatting tend to be more honest, frank, to the point, and involve less emotional risk, particularly when dealing with larger questions of compatibility

(15) Whether you are on the giving or receiving end, rejection is much less messy, hurtful, or embarrassing when transacted online

(16) Most dating services offer tools that allow for the safety of anonymity, the avoidance of unwanted contact, and do-it-yourself screening. , for example, tracks complaints, monitors members behavior, and deals swiftly with offenders.

Now sit back, in the convenience, comfort, privacy, safety, and distraction-free environment of your home , and discover for yourself, the practices and unique advantages of this powerful medium.