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Real Life Stories

Shana and Michael Story

She's From:
   United Kingdom
He's From:      United States

It all started last July.
I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV.

There wasn't much on the TV so I decided to go on the Internet for a little while. I had AOL and used to chat to friends on it, for some reason I was looking through the search for people who like baseball.

Shana and Michael Story
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And I came across Michael, we chatted for ages that night about anything and everything. Michael and I became really good friends, and I felt I could talk about anything to him. Such as problems within my relationship at the time, My boyfriend at the time and I had been together for 2 years when I met Michael. Things with my boyfriend and I were not going very well and I used to confided in Michael who was always there to listen.

Weeks past and Michael and I talked on a regular basis, Michael would send me emails at work which used to cheer me up when ever I was feeling blue. Early September 2001 my boyfriend of two years and I went away on holiday for a week to Spain, it was torture all I could think about was Michael and ways to go use the phone with out being caught.

When I finally returned to the UK I rang Michael, The whole time I was away Michael had written me emails everyday telling me how lonely he felt not being able to talk to me.

It wasn't until the middle of September that I realized that I loved Michael and I ended the relationship with my ex. When I told Michael that I ended the relationship he was over the moon but still sensitive towards my feelings.

Michael and I became a proper couple and he planned his trip. On 3rd November 2001 Michael and I met for the first time in Gatwick airport. When I saw Michael for the first time I knew that I want to spent my life with him, I knew that this was the man for me. On the way to Michael's Hotel we couldn't keep each other's hands off of one another, I would catch Michael staring at me and vise versa.

Michael and I spent an incredible 4 days together, I just didn't want this beautiful dream to end. Within those days Michael was able to meet my Mother, Aunt Pam, and Uncle Peter who all thought the world of Michael.
It was horrid when Michael had to return to the US, but I knew deep down that he would return for me. Many nights I cried myself to sleep because I missed Michael so much.

On 7th December 2001 Michael visited again, but this trip was a bit different, My mum and I picked Michael up from Gatwick Airport and instead of going straight to the Hotel, Michael and I thought we would have a look around London at the sights. At one point we ended up at Buckingham Palace, I was leaning against the statue in front of the Palace staring at the Palace when Michael gets down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked, but so pleased at the same time. In an excited voice I said "YES".

The rest of the day was perfect Michael and I had a little ray of sunshine over our heads, and nothing could spoil it. Later that night Michael myself, Mum, Aunt Pam and Uncle Peter all went to the Siege House to celebrate the engagement.

But all things have to come to an end at some point, Michael had to return back to the US for a college exam. But it wasn't long until we saw each other again, on the 16th December 2001 Michael came over to spend Christmas with me. We both made plans that I would travel back to the US with him on 31st December 2001 to spend New Year in Texas US.

When we went back to the US I met Michael's whole family who made me feel very welcome. It was so hard for me to return to the UK, we both considered if I stayed. But I wouldn't get to visit my family in a while, and I am so close to my mother.

So I returned to the UK and Michael gave up his apartment and began to sell everything he owned, so that he would be able to move to the UK and begin a new life with me. Michael fist went to New York and retrieved his Fiancé Visa and from there to the UK.

On 20th April 2002 Michael and I married at The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Essex England, We both so excited about our future together.