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Real Life Stories

Ally and Jeremy's story

She's From:    United States
He's From:      United States

My name is Ally, and the love of my life is Jeremy, who I only see online. :(

It's amazing how we found each other, I will take you through my journey of love..


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My husband (yes I'm married, far from happily) bought an online game, a game  I thought was really stupid, I even told him to put it back, it's a good  thing he didn't listen. I watched him play for a few months and was  interested in chatting myself. So I did, after being a part of this game  for almost a year, I met some awesome friends. I guess you could say I was  looking for something and I found it. I also put up with losers hitting on  the sexy character I had picked for myself, but something made me stay. I  met the sweetest guy, Jeremy. We played along with the game very well for  the time we stayed there. We got "married" on the game and all of our  friends came to see the event. From the first day I saw him he had my  heart.

Everyone thought we were so cute how we sit in the corner of the most  popular room. That's how we started chatting, he always wanted to sit in MY  corner, so it started play fighting and I always made fun of his little  typos. Before I knew it he was buying me roses from the giftshop of the  game, by the time we left the game I had over 1200 roses, all from him. It  sounds really silly but they meant so much to me, it was the most he  could've given me, at the time.

After the first few months we decided to exchange pictures. He was so  adorable, and so very sexy, we were both very pleased. Things always got  better and neither of us had to try. A bunch of our friends wanted to  try voice chat, so we joined in. Oh my god his voice was so soothing to me. 
I couldn't get enough of it. Our visits to the game diminished and so did  the time we spent with our friends. I was so wrapped up in his love I  couldn't concentrate on anything else.

I ordered a Cartouche, its a pendant that's supposed to have your name on  one side in english and your name in Egyptian on the other, well I ordered  mine special and got his name on the other side in Egyptian (so no one would  know what it said) I broke it in half and sent him half of it. We wear  these close to our hearts, only we know what it means.
We still to this day talk about the "boom" we feel when we're together.  It's the best feeling anyone could have. There was only one down side to  all of this, I got so scared, I mean, I am married, and so is he. I thought  it would be for the best if we didn't chat anymore, I was getting too  attached. I tried leaving him 3 times and I felt so bad, I couldn't go  through with it. We were only apart for 24 hours at a time and it seemed  like a lifetime. I didn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I walked around like a  zombie, during those times I didn't even turn the computer on. I couldn't  stand being online without him. I finally got up enough guts to see if he  had tried contacting me and he did, every time. He was feeling just as bad  as I was, if not worse. I have never in my life felt so empty and alone as  I did when we were apart.

I have decided not to back-pedal anymore, because I know it won't work. We  have something so great and I would never ever trade that for anything. He  is my best friend, my soul mate, my lover (a form of cybering I guess, on  voice, hands free). Smile.

We are secret lovers, btw, that's one of our songs. We have talked about  meeting, but we know what will happen. The sexual attraction is so great,  we wouldn't be able to contain ourselves. We talk a lot about it, how that  first hug will be so intense, just thinking about it now brings tears to  my eyes. Even though life has dealt us sucky decks, I believe we will be  together for real one day, if there is a god and true love exists, we will be. 
We have our real lives for now and it's not going to change in the near future,  but I always have hope. We aren't hurting anyone, being together online we  are much happier, real lives included. We not only want each other, we need  each other and that's never going to change. We have been together a year  now and every day that passes, we are closer, and more in love.

To everyone that is alone in this world, don't give up, you too can find 
your soul mate. Thank you for letting me share. :)