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How Do I Get My Girlfriend Back When She Doesnt Even Want To Respond

How to get your girlfriend back when you are the only one trying and she doesn't even respond? Well, if your girlfriend does not respond to you, you have probably done something that shouldn't be done. Have you been calling her over and over again even though she did not answer your call or reply you? If you answer yes to this question, my suggestion is for you to stop doing it immediately. Perhaps you are wondering why you should stop doing that? This is because by calling her several times per day, you are actually giving her too much pressure. Most likely, if she didn't want to answer your call, it may be because she is purposely trying to avoid you. Therefore, even if you call her 100 times, you are unlikely to get through. Even if she eventually answers your phone call, she will only become even more fed up with you.

Furthermore, it makes you appear desperate and that is only going to drive her further away from you, which is what you do not want. Here is what you may want to do instead: Send her a note. In case she is the one who initiated the breakup, this is what you will want to write in the note. Tell her you agree with her reason for initiating the breakup and that she is right. It may seem counterintuitive but it is actually the first step that will bring her closer to you.

It doesn't matter whether you can really accept her reason for initiating the break up. What is more important is that you do not try to argue. You do not want to argue with her about the break up because it will usually cause more argument.

This is definitely not what you want. Also tell her that you must have done something that she doesn't like during the past few weeks and months and that you understand how she feels. Next, you want to tell her that there is something interesting happening in your life right now and you would really love to tell her about it. However, you want to give both of you a period of time to cool down and think things through. Therefore, you wish to tell her about your interesting activities the next time both of you meet up. A good time period to cool down will be around two weeks to one moth depending on your situation and preference.

Chances are, she will respond positively to this note.

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How Do I Get My Girlfriend Back When She Doesn’t Even Want To Respond

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