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How to Flirt With Girls -- Main Approaches

Flirting with girls is fun. But it doesn't have to be mysterious. Here are three main ways to flirt wtih women. Being proactive is nice.

You can just say or do something flirty out of the blue. Alternatively, you can appear to be much more spontaneous by waiting for her to say something that you are ready for, and then shooting back a flirty response that takes them by surprise. Finally, if you're really clever, you can set them up.

Do something that will get them to respond in a way that will lead to a great flirting line that you already have prepared. Here are some examples of each: TAKING THE INITIATIVE: Call her a name jokingly. Look at her funny. Be a little cocky. Active flirting is fun, but it's a little more risky early on in an encounter.

It puts your intentions "out there", so you have to be pretty sure of the situation to engage in proactive flirting. TRIGGERED FLIRTING: Triggered flirting can be even better than proactive flirting, because it appears more spontaneous and less planned. For instance, suppose she brags about herself.

You could say, "That's impressive. You've just earned 5 more minutes with me." Reactive flirting can signal that you're quick witted and ingelligent. And, of course, it doesn't actually have to be spontaneous.

You might have dozens of responses ready for common things girls say or do. It just has to look spontaneous to be effective. TWO-STEP FLIRTING: Suppose you have a line prepared for when a woman bends down to tie her shoe or pick something up off the floor. And suppose when she does that you plan to say "Oh, I don't require people to bow down before me anymore".

But suppose she hasn't bent down in front of you yet. You can wait and hope you have a chance to say your flirty line. Or you can set things up. How would you set things up so she bends down in front of you? Well you could secretly take something of hers off the table and put it on the floor, and when she notices and bends down to pick it up, then you could deliver your line. So those are three ways to flirt.

Did you find them interesting? All three methods are discussed in much more detail in the book "Flirting Deconstructed".

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How to Flirt With Girls -- 3 Main Approaches

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