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Top Ten Tips to be a Winning Poker Player

Here are some of my personal tips to make sure that yo become an online winning player. 1. Do not chase away the fish When you are having a winning session, dont ridicule opponents for their poor play. Sometimes weak or recreational players - fish - will be poor sports when they are losing their money.

Do not embarrass them further. They will just leave the game. There goes your easy money because of your big mouth. Other players wont be impressed by this bonehead move either, because they see the easy money too.

2. Do not play with money you dont have Playing poker should be a gradual increase of a float. Large cash buy-ins are not recommended for the novice player. Start small and work your way up. If you play with money that is for more important things, you may have to rethink whether you should be playing at all.

You will hear this often: Play with your head, not over your head. 3. Do not play the same way all the time Good players are going to get a feel for your play if youre around them long enough. Periodically, change up your play, even if you have to spend a bit of money to do it.

Misleading your opponents can be profitable for you and frustrating for them. 4. Do not become a calling machine A common mistake new players practice is too much calling of bets. Good poker is about folding and betting.

Controlling the pace and mood of a game requires taking the lead or getting out of the way. 5. Do not be in a hurry Becoming a winning player takes time.

It will take hours of reading and playing before you begin to see profit. Some players feel a sense of urgency when they are down a few bucks. Stay the course and maintain your disciplined play.

6. Do not be afraid to pass Even the best players in the world fold the best hand sometimes. There is another hand coming right up that you could win.

Good players fold when they feel they are behind in a hand. So should you. You may only be play in 20 per cent of the hands. That is OK.

Impatience is seldom rewarded in poker. 7. Do not draw to the low end of a straight Drawing to the low end of a straight is one of the first lessons most players learn the hard way. You get your draw, while some other guy was waiting for the same card that gave him an even higher straight than yours. Plays like this should happen to you only once. It will save you those bets now.

8. Do not go on tilt Going on tilt will surely break you. When you experience a couple of bad beats and get frustrated, dont lose your cool and start playing undisciplined.

Other players will recognize your temporary insanity and take advantage of it. If you are that upset, step away for awhile. 9. Do not waste your clever moves on bad players Straight-up play seems to be the best method against week players. Using fancy moves will only scare away a poor player. You dont want to crush weak players.

Encourage their play and teach them something. Theyre paying you for this knowledge, its the least you can do. Then the player doesnt run the next time you are at a table together.

10. Do not play under the influence Playing after having a few drinks is not a good idea. Same goes for prescription medications and pot. Your perception changes when you use a drug of any kind. Thats why you drank in the first place, remember? If youre seeing the world differently, youre going to play differently. A drunk and his/her money are quickly separated.

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Top Ten Tips to be a Winning Poker Player

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